Our April client of the month has been with us since almost the very beginning of our days in Mitchell. She is an incredible member in our CFC community. She is a mum of 3, a stroke survivor, a marathon runner and just an all round bad ass! Well done Rach!

What made you decide to join Canberra Fitness Centre?

I joined Canberra Fitness in November 2013 with a broken body from my 2nd pregnancy. A friend recommended this awesome gym in Mitchell that had a great focus on mums and you could bring your kids. I was looking for a gym that was more personalised, had a welcoming environment and focused on women getting back to shape after babies. I turned up to the first mums and bubs session and I knew I was in the right place. It’s been 5.5 years since I joined and I can’t imagine going to any other gym!

What changes have you noticed since you started training with us?

Increased strength through weight training and an awareness of how my weaker areas affected my running. I’m a big runner and the focus on improving glute/hamstring strength has helped my running and reduced significantly a sore lower back. The biggest change was losing 28 kilos overs two pregnancies since joining. I couldn’t have done that alone!

What has been the best part of your experience at Canberra Fitness Centre thus far?

The people, trainers and welcoming environment! The gym has a family feel and the atmosphere is always positive and happy J After my stroke, I had some real down days and days when I battled to get out of bed or even contemplate the gym but I always knew the gym would mentally make me feel better. I would walk out of a session with Jack or Step and instantly feel stronger and happier. Mentally it helped me get through days when I felt down/angry about what had happened to me. Exercise is one of the best remedies for getting through tough times! I love my Monday and Wednesday night brute camp sessions.

What would you say to anyone who is contemplating joining Canberra Fitness Centre?

Come and have a go! It’s not like any other gym, there aren’t any weight hoggers standing in front of mirror’s staring at themselves! It’s a safe environment to come and try something new, improve and meet new people who have a common goal of improving their fitness.

What is the biggest tip and/or tips you could give someone looking to improve their health and wellness? 

Health and Wellness doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t short cut to your goal/s. Get off Instagram, Facebook, the fad diets and just go sensible exercise and healthy food (with the occasional treat!)