Our June client of the month is Tim Emery. Tim and his wife Darci signed up to Canberra Fitness Centre together but with two different interests and have been a welcomed inclusion to our little community. Tim is loving the push to work hard in his sessions, walking away feeling sore but accomplished.


What made you decide to join Canberra Fitness Centre?

It was because Canberra Fitness Centre had a diverse fitness program and timetable that catered for both my Darci and I. I was interested in attending the group boxing classes and she was interested in attending the post-natal fitness classes.


What changes have you noticed since you started training with us?

A constant state of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) haha! No, I didn’t think I’d enjoy strength weight-based exercises as part of my fitness routine but my confidence and technique has improved under the tutelage of Jack Jones. I would say it’s also the greatest contributor to DOMS.


What has been the best part of your experience at Canberra Fitness Centre thus far?

I really enjoy the diversity of exercises (e.g. targeting strength, cardio and core) set by the trainers in an individual session. This is drafted on the whiteboard prior to the session so you know what you’re in for early on.


What would you say to anyone who is contemplating joining Canberra Fitness Centre?

Talk to Jacqui about signing up to a 3-week trial, which gives you unlimited access to all group fitness classes. This allows you to attend a variety of sessions and make an informed decision about whether you want to join and if so which sessions and trainers may suit your fitness aspirations.


What is the biggest tip and/or tips you could give someone looking to improve their health and wellness?

The decision to make a change and persevere is easier when you are surrounded by supportive people who can increase your motivation and fortitude. I have always found a team or group sport/fitness environment more motivating and supportive than just relying on myself.