At Canberra Fitness Centre, we aim to support families through their fitness journey. We have several trainers who specialise in pre and postnatal training, and an environment where we encourage you to accommodate your children’s needs while you get a workout. We understand how challenging fitting in fitness around children can be, so we are here to help you.

Pre and Post Natal Training


  • Low impact, moderate-high intensity training options to prevent damage to your pelvic floor muscles while still challenging your fitness
  • Appropriate programming to minimize Rectus Diastasis (abdominal muscle separation)
  • Programs designed to address the aches, pains and injuries that accompany pregnancy and motherhood
  • Keep up your level of fitness throughout pregnancy and beyond without damaging your body
  • All pre and postnatal programs are taught by certified instructors

Mums with Bubs Training


  • Babies and children of any age are welcome at any time
  • Workout with your baby in the pram next to you, in the kids play area, or strapped into a carrier – our trainers will modify the workout to suit you
  • Stop the workout any time you need to feed, play with, change or settle your baby, then jump back into the workout when you are ready
  • A cranky baby is not a problem, our trainers are happy to give cuddles or push prams so that you can get your workout done
  • The kids play area is in the corner of the gym floor, securely fenced for your children’s safety, but completely accessible so that they don’t have to be away from you if they are anxious
  • All Mums with Bubs classes are taught by certified instructors